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Our History and Future

Frezco Beverages USA, LLC. is a distribution company based in Northern California USA, which brings high quality, unique products to market. Leading the company, CEO Moe Jamal works in tandem with Frezco Beverages (Fiji) bringing products produced in Fiji into the American market and beyond.

One of the most established products in the company portfolio is the Enjoy Pops® brand. Before Frezco Beverages took control of the product in 1999, it was already a familiar, and very popular drink brand. Under the new ownership and guidance of Altaaf Jamal, CEO of Frezco Beverages (Fiji), the product line has continued to evolve and develop making Enjoy Pops® a household name. The quality of Frezco Beverages products, combined with the dedication and commitment of the carefully selected staff propelled the company ahead with incredible growth in just a few short years.  

Following refinement of their bottling operations Frezco Beverages quickly formed a worldwide network of distributors, all firmly dedicated to the brand and the growth potential of its products. The popularity of the Noni products especially, was amazing, and in a short time Altaaf had built a niche market for the company with its long term future now assured. Frezco Beverages continues to produce high quality products that are as popular as ever, with a commitment to producing innovative, healthy products in partnership with nature.

Today Frezco Beverages USA works towards the expansion of not only bringing new products from Fiji but additionally developing innovative products in the USA melding the ingredients and cultures of the South Pacific with America.

Tropical Taste of FIJI

Enjoy POPS® Flavored Syrup / CORDIAL

An exciting lifestyle driven brand since 1974. So delicious great tasting unique signature flavors. Our exotic flavors are sweet, made with pure cane sugar. Each sip starts with a burst of unique taste.